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“Welcome to "The Greatest Minds"”

Some 470 years after the scientific revolution,  we live in a world shaped by science.

From medicines and surgical procedures,to power supply, transport and communication, modern life is enhanced (and sometimes only possible) because of the innovations of scientists, past and present.

  This website celebrates science: its utility, its potential and its beauty. If you have come for top popular science content, then you have come to the right place- whether you are one of Humanity's Greatest Minds or not. If you have come to read more about some of the world's Greatest Minds, you are also in the right place ( in that case, you might want to start with out our expanding "Great Minds" profiles section).

If you were less than wild about science, when you stumbled upon our site, well, we hope to change your mind before you leave..or at least, to welcome you back again soon. In the meantime, we offer a smattering of Steampunk and related articles, a blog, a growing collection of free wildlife and nature-travel-themed pieces and an open-minded glimpse at questions of life in space, drugs in our common plants and other little curios, mental baubles and virtual trinkets that capture our fancy...and, with luck, yours too. Articles on this site are free to enjoy (all rights reserved), but if you like what you see, please consider buying The Greatest Minds's book: "Marie Curie and the Ibexes", when it goes on sale later this year (2018). For now, though, thanks for visiting and happy reading....

V. L. Welch,

BSc (Hons) DPhil,


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