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Profile 2.

Marie Curie-

a real-life Wonder-woman

       It is often said that mankind should study the past- history- to produce a better future. At The GreatestMinds, we think it is important to study the history of thought and the ideas of the past, to understand the creative processand to build that ever-elusive utopian future. (Well, we can at least try...) In any case, very little in life is as powerful as an idea- for good or for ill. For that reason alone, the history of inventive and scientific thought is worth studying. In many ways, Scientific thought is something of a marvel-wonderfully creative at its best, philanthropic and life-afirming- disastrous or downright deluded at its worst. It is certainly never dull.  Here we profile some of our favourite scientists, past and present, purely for your reading pleasure, naturally...

In the whole of human history, there can have been few people who have embodied the word "genius" to quite the extent that Maire Curie did. Born in comparative poverty and banned from attending her local university (for being born female), she found a key ally and colaborator in her husband Pierre. Together, the Curies pioneered research into radioactivity, revolutionising our understanding of science, in the process. Maire Curie  is remembered for discovering two elements and for winning the Nobel Prize twice. So, if you ever wondered about the Wonder-woman that was Marie Curie, Monica Iams and Susan Taylor have compiled her profile, find it [here].

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Marie Curie photographed around 1920. This is a public domain image due to its age. It was obtained from  Wikipedia and run through an image filter by The GreatestMinds- we make no copyright claims on this image.

By Monica Iams & Susan Taylor

Profile 1.

Louis Pasteur-

And The Dawn of Microbiology

Writing exclusively for TheGreatestMinds, Sean Smith profiles the "grandfather of microbiology" and his amazing legacy; find his profile [here].

By Sean Smith

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Photograph of Louis Pasteur. This photograph is a public domain image due to its age. It was obtained from  Wikipedia , From an image digitally edited by Felix Nadar Crisco. (Further Adaptations, Editing and  background graphic by V.Neblik for The Greatest Minds). The GreatestMinds- makes no copyright claims on the Original Photograph nor the wikipedia- components of this image, nor on Mr Felix Nadar Crisco's work.