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With great power comes great duty: V.L. Welch asks how contemporary science measures up to the challenge.

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If you have ever gazed at the stars in wonder, Caroline Herschel is probably a woman after your own heart- born into a musical German family, soprano Caroline was a diligent genius who overcame poor equipment, sexist discrimination and a rudimentary education to go down in history for her scientific achievements. In this exclusive piece, Lizzie Henry profiles "The First Lady of the Heavens".

Victoria Neblik goes wildlife-spotting in the Middle East and finds that, whilst The Dead Sea may be devoid of animal life, the surrounding wadis & desert plateau are anything but...

M.N. Jones talks Plume moths, Convolvulus & inner-city insect hunting. Beautiful, arresting, varied- moths are just "butterflies without the PR" + all the more appealing because of it.

Xavier Lopez & Galit Cohen take a quick peek at the tabloid obsession with aliens and UFOs, picking out some recent gems.

Sean W. Smith profiles

the genius and enduring

legacy of Louis Pasteur.

There are few privileges on Earth that match seeing something for the first time- be it a new continent, a long lost shipwreck or the details of a beetle previously unknown to science.  Yet every day, somewhere in the world- in darkened basement or obscure out-of-town laboratory, somebody is hunched over an electron microscope doing just that. S. Mouchet & V.L. Welch

discuss the haunting beauty and hidden intricacies of the natural world as few have ever seen it.

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Potted Science:

Part 1 of a new series- Bay

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Lisa Wright argues that binoculars make a great, practical and comparatively cheap alternative to a telescope for stargazing. Meanwhile, Lizzy Henry takes a look at some of the leading binoculars for astronomy.

Former scientist M.N. Jones takes a look at the little known biology and the health benefits of some of our favourite common herbs & potted plants.

Former scientist M.N. Jones delves into the secret botany & health benefits of some of our most familiar herbs.

Available as Pdf download only- click [Here] to donwload free.

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Marc Salazaar leafs through some of the best science writing available free online. (Selections for May, June, July, August & September).

From the fantasies of Jules Verne to the visions of China Melville, Steampunk is a gloriously quirky flight-of-whimsy: Lizzy Henry  asks what makes steampunk so special & examines its unmissable classics.

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Death by Polonium -->

Murder by poisoning holds a unique fascination and horror in our collective consciousness. It is an ancient fear- for almost as long as humans have existed, "we" have been poisoning one another. Today science has learnt a lot about toxins and how to treat them, but every so often, something new rears its evil head. Something like Polonium...