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"Marie Curie
& The Ibexes"

So, you have enjoyed reading the articles, blog posts, profiles and features on The Greatest Minds and wish there were more?

(Well, frankly, who wouldn't .... ?!)

Fortunately, you are in luck because The Greatest Minds will soon be available in handy take away it were... AND it will be available in your choice of glorious technicoloured pdf or lovingly hand-prepared kindle format, crafted for Amazon, one letter at a time.  You'll find pieces by all of our best writers inside and some new voices not on currently this site.

But don't take our word for it, take a look inside, peer between the book's alluring covers and sample before you buy..

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Spread over more than 130 magazine-sized pages, the book endeavours to strike the same popular science, wildlife, astronomy, steampunk and nerd/geek-culture balance as the website...a few of the articles can be found on this website, most cannot.


The original plan was to make a portable/ take-away version of this website to enjoy off-line, but high ink/print costs mean the book gradually evolved into a digital release. We don't approve of "double dipping" or re-selling stuff that you have already seen, but we also wanted to keep some sense of this as a take-away version of the website for those that want it. So we struck a balance of largely new content, with a little bit from the website. There are also new graphics and artwork.


All the screen shots here are from the pdf version. The kindle version is simpler- we have used the same large pictures, but much simpler formatting and none of the page-rims or incidental detail at the edge of articles (this is a restriction of the kindle format)- so you just get the main pictures, which means all the full-page pictures and all the square/rectangular standard images: none of the page rims...and you get all of the text, naturally.

Contents are as follows-

Introduction: p 8-9,

Part One
[Desert Creatures, Plant Secrets & Steampunk]

"Hyraxes & Ibexes" : p14-23 ,
(A feature on Wildlife Spotting by The Shores of The Dead Sea),
"Potted Science" : p26-29
M.N.Jones discovers the Secrets
of The Common Bay Tree
"Books & Brainfood: No1" : p30,
-As featured on our blog here, Marc Salazaar scours the web for Einstein, Sagan & Da Vinci,
"Stars of  Steampunk": p32-37,
(Lizzy Henry's article on the Novels that Shaped a Phenomenon)
"Books & Brainfood:No2": p38-39, -
Another of Marc Salazaar's blog posts from this site- here he probes the internet for Slugs, Russians & Neuroscience

Part Two

[Astronomy, Space-Science, ETs & Aliens]

"Big & Beautiful": p42-43 ,
(Xavier Lopez casts his gaze to the Universe at large)
"When Two Eyes are Better than One": p44-45,
(Lisa Wright argues that Binoculars make a Great Alternative to an Astronomy Telescope)
"Looking for the Best Astronomy Binoculars
on the Market?" Lizzy Henry Reports: p46-47,
"Books & Brainfood: No. 3" : p48-49,
Marc Salazaar finds a trove of Ancient Indian Literature and some very Modern Quantum Tunnelling ideas online
"India, The Heavens & The Earth" : p50-53 ,
Nurit Intrater and Lizzy Henry Investigate
India's Space Programme
"Alien Hunting in the Tabloids"

(What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)
Xavier Lopez & Galit Cohen find out...: p54-67,


Part Three

[Profiles & Inspiration]

p72-77, Sean W. Smith discusses
"Louis Pasteur and the Dawn of Micobiology"

"Letter from a Ragged Human: No 1" : p78-79
M.N. Jones talks Conspiracies, Flawed Scientists & Ragged Humans

"Marie Curie: Profile of a Real-Life Wonder-woman": p80-87, Monica Iams & Susan Taylor glimpse at the life and works of one of science 's Greatest Minds

"Letter from a Ragged Human No.2: The Mothman Diaries" by M. N. Jones: p106-109

"Caroline Herschel: The First Lady of the Heavens": p90-97, Lizzy Henry profiles  the opera-singer-turned-pioneering astronomer- a slightly expanded version of the profile featured on this website.

Part Four
[Viewpoints, Plant Secrets & Polonium]


"A Universal Declaration of Human Technological Aims

& Responsibilities?" V. L. Welch : p100-105- one of the "Key Articles" from this website in Kindle/pdf form.

Potted Science: No. 2 : p110-113 ,
M.N. Jones on the Hidden Biochemistry of Rosemary (Similar to the "Potted Science" piece on Basil on this website).


"The Final Frontier (Is Really, Really Tiny)":
p114-121 , V.L. Welch & Dr. S. Mouchet talk insects, microscopes and making very small big discoveries...
"Special Thanks to ... " p124
 Copyright statement/Verso : p124
 Picture Credits : p126-133


MCATI Potted Science.jpg
MCATI Hyraxes and Ibexes.jpg
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MCATI Curie profile mid.jpg
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MCATI Aline hunting mid.jpg
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MCATI back cover.jpg

So, whether you are blown away by our content, or just looking for something to delay the inevitable return to whatever you are avoiding working on, we have a selection of exclusive wildlife content, popular science articles, great-mind profiles, links, new graphics, Steampunk allusions, text and pictures for you in our handy 130-ish page book: "Marie Curie and the Ibexes"

Buy it for yourself, buy it for your kids, your parents, your friends or your enemies...actually buy it for everyone you know- we don't care... all joking aside, we truly hope and believe you'll love it....

"Marie Curie & The Ibexes"

The First book from

"The Greatest Minds" is coming soon...

Check back for release date shortly

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