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Slugs, Russians & Neuroscience: Books & Brain-Food. No 2.

Sometimes even the greatest minds need a little inspiration . To that end, Marc Salazaar's picks out some of the top Science, Popular Science, Art & Books online this.

This Month's Inspiration:

Is this glorious, brightly coloured selection of sea-slug photographs c/o National Geographic-

Book/Art/ Picture-Gallery of the Month:

Is the artwork of Russian realist painter

Vasily Ivanovich Surikov (1848-1916)

on “Olga’s Online Gallery”-

and on wikiwand-

This Month's Recommended Popular Science Articles are:

1)“How to Spot a Psychopath” by Tom Chivers, published in the Daily Telegraph (11th May 2017) delves into one of the darker areas of human psychology as it explores the differences between psychopathy and autism and talks about the nature of evil-

2)Sticking with a psychology/neuroscience theme, this recent article by Anil Ananthaswamy asks profound questions about the nature of consciousness.

A paper version of the same article was published in the 27th May 2017 issue of New Scientist, Number 3127, page 7 under a slightly different title (“Quantum test could show if minds are matter”).

3)Finally, a fascinating article by Marta Zaraska in last month’s Discover magazine examines the latest research into plant decision making and plant “intelligence”. The piece, called “Smarty Plants” runs from pages 52 to 57 of the May 2017 issue of Discover, or you can find it online under a slightly different title here-

Again, for whatever reason, the online title (“Garden Greenery is Brainier Than You Think” does not match the title of the print version, yet the text and pictures seem to be identical).

The May 2017 edition (back issue) of Discover magazine is actually highly recommended from end to end; it leads with a “Heroes of Science” theme that ties in rather well with a lot of the content we have prepared for release on TheGreatestMinds.Org in due course....

-M. Salazaar


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