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Books & Brainfood: No1. Sagan, Einstein & Da Vinci

As great minds go, those of Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci were undeniably impressive; but, even for the greatest brains around, great ideas may not come out of thin air. Instead, inspiration often comes from the synthesis of other ideas from different fields and contexts. For every child prodigy who thrives with little knowledge outside his or her field, there are several truly great minds who innovate thanks, partly, to their broad and deep knowledge of the world. With that in mind, Marc Salazaar takes his pick of the top Science, Popular Science, Art & Books online this month:

This Month's Inspiration:

Book/Art/ Picture-Gallery of the Month:

Is this neatly analysed selection of pictures of the human form by perhaps its greatest artist (and certainly one of the world’s greatest minds), Leonardo Da Vinci-

The article is by Juhi Kulkarni writing on

This Month's Recommended Popular Science Articles are:

1)“The Other World That Bekons” (Carl Sagan on Albert Einstein). Originally published September 16, 1978, available online here-

2)“The Blood of the Crab” by Caren Chesler- a fascinating article about the vital role of Horseshoe crab blood in medical research and concerns about the future of the Horseshoe Crab, itself-


3)“Scientists just accidentally discovered that trees share food with each other” by Illana Strauss (a short popular-science introduction to recent research by Tamir Klein at the Weizmann Institute and colleagues in Swizterland)-

- M.Salazaar.


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