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The Many Mysteries of Water

Marc Salazaar on the Strange Properties of Water, Recently Discovered Super Ice and Hidden Aquifers, showing that there is far more to water than you might imagine...

Steampunk has 3 1/2 sisters.

Ben Thompson talks
Raypunk, Steampunk, Atompunk,
Dieselpunk & more....

Potted Science: Basil

M. N. Jones looks at some of the hidden secrets of our familiar potted plants.

Caroline Herschel small third draft GREE

The First Lady of the Heavens:

The Greatest Minds's Exclusive Profile
of Legendary Astronomer
Caroline Herschel

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Potted Science:

M.N. Jones examines the hidden truths of some of our familiar potted plants.

Alien- Hunting Online:

Marc Salazaar & Xavier Lopez
go on the trail of the latest UFO stories in the media. [COMING SOON]

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Great Power Brings Great Responsibility:

Editor V. L. Welch asks "How well is Contemporary Science Meeting the Ethical Challenges its Innovations Present?"


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