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Space-Science, E.T.s & Aliens:

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Xavier Lopez & Galit Cohen go Alien-Spotting with the tabloids: what could possibly go wrong?

Lisa Wright argues that Astronomy Binoculars make a great alternative to a telescope

The Best Astronomy Binoculars

on the Market ?

Lizzy Henry reviews

some of the leading makes and models.

"Big and Beautiful" does not even begin to describe the tiny fraction of the Universe so far known to man....

...and even though humans have been gazing at the heavens since long before the first person ever picked up a pen, or quill, or sketched upon the first cave wall, we still know almost nothing about what lies beyond that wispy thin envelope of  Oxygen, Ozone, CO2 and Nitrogen we call our atmosphere.  The question of what lies beyond now occupies some of the greatest minds upon this Earth, as it has for as long as humanity has been curious. As its name suggests, this page carries a mixture of articles on astronomy, space science and the like. Links to the latest articles on these topics are to the right.

But why even talk about Aliens?

     Biologically speaking, philosophically too, perhaps the most profound question of all is "are we alone in all the Universe", or is there, somewhere out among the lonely, darkened, cold cubic light years of nothingness, are there other sentient beings? Perhaps there are creatures somewhere in the vast, black reaches of space that are a little like ourselves, perhaps there are beings with whom we have nothing at all in common. In either case, the mere possibility of their existence is fascinating. In days gone by questions about alien life were asked openly and publicly by major scientists of the day. Today, for reasons I have never fully understood, outside of SETI, that subject is more the preseve of UFOlogists, compsiracy theorists and sci fi novels. However, being insatiably curious about all things, we at TheGreatestMinds see no reason why scientists should not be interested in potential alien life ...and even less rationale for why it should be a bad thing that others share such an interest with us. Perhaps there is nothing out there at all, but, more likely, there are other beings somewhere far away...whether we would recognise them as such is another matter entirely. Our entire concept of what is "alive" and what is "inanimate", after all, has been shaped by life we have encountered on this single, solitary rock orbitting one middle aged, middle sized star of many, out on one spiral arm of the Milky Way.


  If biology is the science of life, then that logically should mean all life and its many prerequisites and manifestations, wherever and whatever they might be. Is there even one person anywhere on this earth who is not more than a little curious about that?


                                                                                          -X. Lopez,

                                                                             September 2017,

for The GreatestMinds.Org & TheGreatestMinds.co.uk.

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"Big & Beautiful": In this short intro to this page + its articles, X. Lopez makes the case for writing about space science,Astronomy and ETs.


Coming Soon:

"India Enters

the Space-Race"...

Marc Salazaar & Lizzy Henry investigate

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