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Meet the Team:


M. N. Jones (BSc),

Marc Salazaar,

N. Intrater (BSc, MSc)

Victoria Neblik,

Xavier Lopez (BSc),                                

Susan Taylor,                                Susan Taylor,

A much appreciated but           Ken Smith.

ever-changing rosta of

other/freelance colleagues.

(see individual articles for credits).


Graphics, Artwork & Layout:

Victoria Neblik & Marc Salazaar

with thanks to:

B. Armstrong, The lovely people on OpenClipArt.Org,


Scientific Consultants:

N. Intrater (BSc, MSc),  B. McCreight (RGN, RSCN).

S. Mouchet (BSc, MSc, PhD).


Our advisors are consulted where applicable on their subject areas, but the content published here is the responsibility of indivdual contributors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Greatest Minds or of our scientific consultants.


Dr V. L. Welch,

(BSc, DPhil).            

Contact Us:

General Enquiries: general@thegreatestminds.co.uk


Editorial:  editor@thegreatestminds.co.uk


Media: editor@thegreatestminds.co.uk


Paper/Radio/Television Interviews available by arrangement,

Commentary on popular science issues, scientific philanthropy, science writing, the scientific research process and science in society is  available.


Open-minded yet scientific commentary on life in space, UFOs and aliens, E.T.s etc. is also available for print, radio and television outlets.


We make every effort to respond to all media enquiries as rapidly as we can.  


Schools, Colleges, Special Interest groups &

Public/After-Dinner Speaking Agencies etc:


Various in-person talks, lessons, "evenings with..", lectures and webinars are available and these can be customised to meet your needs. Please make contact by e mail to: general@thegreatestminds.co.uk,

to discuss your requirements and for our latest fees list.




If you have a press release relating to your recent work or if you wish to be interviewed on your research, feel free to contact the editorial or general enquiries addresses above.



Instead, please just paste text and any links into the e mail's body and/or link to any images if applicable.


Note that whilst we greatly appreciate you taking the time and trouble to contact us, due to the volume of submissions and due to commercial and editorial pressures, we may be unable to use materials sent to us and we may decline to interview many applicants. This is not any reflection of our views of the quality or significance of your work or of your standing. We have to maintain an editorial balance and cater to various pressures that may not be apparent . Consequently, we advise that you do not prepare any material exclusively for us- we are happy to receive generic press releases written for circulation to all media outlets and will contact you to discuss these if applicable.


Freelancers & Pitching:

Thank you for your interest in pitching to TheGreatestMinds. At the moment, we are unable to take any more freelance material or submissions. If/As/When this changes, we will change the text here to notify people.


All Other Enquiries and Contacts: general@thegreatestminds.co.uk


Secretarial & Sales:

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